Thursday, May 24, 2012


I stepped out of my car into what was left of the warm summer shine. A storm was brewing off to the horizon. Walking into through the parking lot towards my destination, I glanced at my telephone for the time.
Upon looking up, I was assaulted by a dream. Exiting the store, her red blazed in the dimming sun. As she walked into my existence, Her bright blue eyes stole my stride.
I watched transfixed, dead in my tracks.
I stared for what felt like hours. Pushing her over flowing cart into the parking lot, she clumsily sifted through her bag.  The world watched as she stopped traffic.
I was trapped. I could not turn away. Was I dreaming? Or perhaps the last trick of a fading star?  Was this vision truly there? 
She inched closer, I fought to avert my gaze but found myself powerless to do so.  She exited the safety walkway and finally glanced my way. Our eyes locked in understanding. She broke our gaze, but only for moments. As her eyes returned to mine, they pierced me as knives. She was as fierce as I was powerless.
If her eyes had been any color other than that of a cool, bright blue, they would have set the world on fire. Beauty and pain where the language they spoke to me. I smiled.
And it was then that I was finally set free from my wakeful slumber. 
Recomposing myself, I ventured on into my day. Left with to be forever intoxicated by her memory.

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  1. Yes I like this! 'She was as fierce as I was powerless' Good stuff! I want to hear more!